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The Morgeez Reseller Program is designed to create earning opportunities for media service enthusiasts. If you have been passionate about the media industry and would like to participate, here’s a great opportunity for you to get involved while you are earning big time. Join the Morgeez Media Agency reseller program today.

The Brief

Morgeez Media Agency is a complete media service provider. The company forms part of Morgeez Records cc a content production and publishing company specializing in various commercial audio, photography, and video production facilitation services.

Who Should Apply for the Media Sales Partnership at Morgeez Media Agency?

One thing we have discovered is that the job of a salesman or salesperson, is mainly driven by predominantly, a natural phenomenon called “talent”. Cap talent with passion and productivity is bound to be achieved even beyond expectation. Hence our criteria for application are quite simple. See below list:


  1. I am a fresh graduate or matriculant.
  2. I am fluent in pure English
  3. I am dynamic, hardworking
  4. I am ready to get trained
  5. I am ready to start now
  6. I am a computer user
  7. I am 18 years and above

Is There Training Provided by Morgeez Media Agency?

Morgeez has in place a quick training program to kick start your new salesperson partnership program. Candidates will be trained on the basics of sales technics both on physical output and online as well.

Additionally, candidates will be trained on the products and services offered by Morgeez Media Agency as available at the Morgeez Store and also new products.

What Percentage Does a Salesperson Earn on Morgeez Products Sales

Morgeez Media Agency’s commission structure is very simple. It’s more like the more sales you make, the more your income. Traditionally, Sales of products are capped on between 15 to 20. While sales of services are capped at 10 to 15 percent.

How Do Salespersons Get Paid?

Since its commission-based, a sales agent is bound to be paid by the end of his or her month of resuming the sales job. This means, if a salesperson was recruited by the 09th of the month, the 8th of the next month will be their month-end. This means that you submit your withdrawal request. And your payment is processed immediately or within 24 hours.

However, Salespersons are able to request a payout any time of the month provided they had met their withdrawal threshold. This information will continue to be upgraded or updated.

How Do I Apply to The Morgeez Reseller Program?

If you are interested in joining the Morgeez Reseller/Affiliate Program. Simply indicate your interest on the comment line below and we will contact you. Before then though, click here for special reseller information which includes what you will be selling and more.


If you have any questions or concerns, you may submit such at the Morgeez Support Desk and we will be glad to assist.

Please do share this information with all your social media networks, friends and family, and everywhere else as you might just be helping someone get a career and a job. More reseller information here. To apply now, click here.

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Reseller Program – Morgeez Media Agency

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