3. Chroma Video Studio for Hire / Full Day


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Comes with a standard crew and gear plus our very own director assigned to assist your director to get you up to speed with the shoot. Package Includes:

  • Complete 8hours of Film Shooting
  • Cameraman
  • Studio Basic Lighting
  • Chroma Setup
  • DOP.
  • In-House director, assigned to your project
  • Film in Full HD
  • Includes Editing of Films
  • Excl. VO or Presenter fee

Video recording or film shoots as its often known is not an easy task. Sometimes, a 60secs commercial can take up to 2-4 days of filming (shooting). This is to ensure that, the maximum number of footage is captured.

Footages can be aligned to the storyboard correctly in other to have an up-to-date edit that tells the original story exactly the way it should be. This is why the Full Day Chroma Studio Hire is a great opportunity for a great film shoot at the Morgeez Legacy Studios.

However, certain shoots may require the Morgeez Production Team moves to the client’s location. In that situation, Transportation costs can be added to the quoted estimates herein.

We are happy to also receive your full brief at the Morgeez Support Desk. You may click here to send us a fill production brief that may require a custom estimated quotation.

3. Chroma Video Studio for Hire / Full Day
3. Chroma Video Studio for Hire / Full Day


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