e. Business Advertising Podcast Production


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  • HD Audio Recording Studio sessions
  • Audio Production Team
  • We Harmonize Your Script
  • Videography Crew
  • Pre-to Post Production Service
  • Podcast finalized and delivered to you.
  • You publish to any platforms or any channels you want.

This is our bundle infomercial podcast production including production team and recording studio service package tailor-made to suit your need. Just tell us what you want and we get to work on it from pre to post-production. Podcast Bundle is suitable for businesses who want to enjoy the full benefit of podcasting.

How do we help you here?

  1. We help you to create the content idea or work to harmonize your ideas.
  2. We get the scripts and the creative process is done.
  3. We set up the Morgeez Studios for the recording of your podcast
  4. We record the podcast interview with the right production team
  5. We also record a video of the interview
  6. We create a professionally edited video of the interview for Video Marketing purpose
  7. Audio is fully edited and mastered to commercial quality standards.
  8. We deliver both audio and video file of production
  9. We sign a release of ownership of production
  10. You are now ready to publish and distribute your quality marketing audio and video duly produced for you.


  1. Spotify
  2. Itune
  3. YoutUbe
  4. Morgeez Podcast
  5. MorgeezTV
  6. Stitcher
  7. Facebook


  1. Pre-release article
  2. Release Article
  3. Email Newsletter
  4. Social Media Announcement
  5. Social Media Shares


Advertorial media space purchases on behalf of clients. This is to advertise approved clips of film and audio for digital marketing across the internet including Social media. This option is based on the client’s needs and is not included in this package. As money to be spent here depends on the clients’ marketing budget.

e. Business Advertising Podcast Production
e. Business Advertising Podcast Production


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