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Radio Submissions for Airplays

R6,999.00 R3,899.00

No one artists should be responsible for submitting music to radio stations as this could be a daunting task and often takes away your artistic pride and concentration. Let Morgeez radio pluggers get your music submitted to selected and effective radio stations for air plays.


Radio submissions for airplays is one music promotion aspect that needs special attention. Morgeez Radio Pluggers are experienced and connected with great relationships with local, regional and national radio stations. Our extensive contact list includes radio broadcast stations in Southern Africa, West Africa, and East Africa.

Our international online radio station partners includes heavy weights like Jango, Last FM and a host of others. When we submit your music for radio airplay, you can be rest assured that your music will make it into regular play lists. Why waste time sitting indoor with your music in your pocket. Come! and let Morgeez Radio promoters get your music submitted and put you on the map.


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